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Welcome to the Online Home of GardenHouse Perennials

GardenHouse is the home of Mills Garden Design. Mills Garden Design is committed to providing a practical Garden Consultation & Design service. In support of that, at GardenHouse, we grow an interesting selection of perennial plants including, but not limited to, peonies, ornamental grasses and daylilies. Our gardens act as testing beds for the plants that we sell and that we use in our designs.

What does that mean to you the gardener?

For online purchases we have a generous selection of Peonies that are freshly dug from our field and shipped bare root directly to you in time for seasonal planting.

At our Morganston, Ontario nursery we grow perennial plants suited to our central Ontario climate and all chosen for their hardiness in our area. Plants that can survive from year to year, swept be the Northumberland County winds, cold in the winter and hot and dry in the summer, achieve our highest ratings and are included in our recommended plantings. (Click here to visit Zone Map.) Come for a visit and view our display garden.(Click here for our hours of operation and contact info.) We will be happy to help you select one plant or a combination of plants to suit your taste and your garden site.

Our particular goal is to promote hardy plant groupings that provide multi-season interest.

Contact us by phone or email

Feel free to visit our Display Gardens this summer. They offer an excellent opportunity to view plants and plant groupings as they change throughout the growing season. Visit often. All we ask is that you "take only pictures and leave only footprints".

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